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At the Pregnancy Help Center we're keenly aware of the importance of a dad in the life of a child. Dad's the guy who rarely gets the credit. He works extremely hard and still tries his best to make the ballgames, performances and other special moments in his children's lives. 

Dad is seen as many things: Provider, role model... we all have our list of characteristics. He has been there for us and provided direction when we needed it desperately. 

This year, one special way to honor dad is a gift to The PHC. We'll place his name and that of the giver in our next newsletter. His gift will be one that keeps giving for generations to come. 

Gifts such as these build the future of our center, and that makes them even more special. Because here we realize that a father's role is incredibly important in the life of a child. 

You can send the gift to our mailing address or click the button below.

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