3 easy ways your church can help

Teen Prayer Group


Prayer warriors are needed as we serve on this front-line ministry. Your consistent prayers will lift up volunteers and clients. Prayers that open hearts as staff and volunteers share the good news of Jesus and encourage a choice for life! 

Baby Presents

Baby Shower

Ask your Pastor and church to consider throwing a baby shower to stock our Baby Boutique. These tangible gifts are incentives to draw our clients back. This allows us to strengthen their parenting, which helps their baby to have a healthy family life. Through parenting classes and mentoring, we build relationships and strive to break unhealthy family cycles.

Image by Katt Yukawa

Become a monthly donor

Ask your church to partner with us for regular monthly giving. This allows us to have a more stable source of funds and frees us to focus on people, not programs. That support matters to every person who walks through our doors looking for compassionate help.